15.5 Weeks Out! OCB New Mexico

Current Macros-IIFYM

170 grams Protein

225 grams Carbs

60 grams Fat

Yes, I know, that seems like a shit ton of food. And yes I know, I may not be ready. But my physique looks like I could come in pretty tight if I get down to 165 pounds at the 12 week point. So that gives me about a month to lose ten pounds. Looks like more HIIT sessions for me.

Today is rest day, but yesterday I did legs, and boy oh boy are they tired. Not to mention we finished up leg day with Hot Yoga at Blissful Spirits, where I had my ass handed to me. I wanted to give everyone  a chance to see what kind of volume I am doing right now. I am at the end of my rep plan. I made this up myself, so don’t ask me why. I just found that the way I increase reps and sets through a 12 week period really helps with my strength and muscle size.

3/27/17 LEGS

5 minute warm-up. (usually stairs and bodyweight squats)

  • 5×10 Goblet Squats
  • 5×10 each way, Squatted band walk
  • 2 sets warm up squats
  • 5×10 heavy back squats
  • 5×10 Front Squats
  • 5×10 DB Deads
  • 5×10 Leg Press with Band
  • 5 Dropsets on single leg extension
  • 5×10 Abductor
  • 5×10 Adductor
  • 5×10 Lying Side leg Press
  • 25 min HIIT