Ok, I know everyone hates dishes. Dishes are no fun, they’re gross, they stink, they’re slimy, and you never know exactly what is on them. But the dishes I’m talking about are nothing like this. I work in a lab, all the dishes are clear glass, there’s no scraping or overnight soaking involved, yet it seems to be the most dreaded task of any employee I work with. We have what I like to call a “Dish Nazi”, she makes a list and sends out reminders about who is doing dishes what week, and when it’s your turn. This week, it’s my turn… And I ALWAYS help whoever is on dish duty(except for a few select individuals I don’t care for), but all I received today was a message that said, “Girl, it’s your week for dishes.”

I mean duhhhh, you post it on the wall lady, everyone knows when it’s their time for dishes, and if they don’t we can hear your voice three hallways away talking about how we didn’t get to the dishes yet. I mean THEY ARE JUST DISHES!!! Seriously, we gather the dishes from the acid benches and put them in the dishwasher, and run a 4 hour cycle of rinsing. The end.

So why am I writing a whole rant about this??? I just started wondering that myself… Maybe because I’m new here and seniority is a BITCH here. If you forget your dishes for even a day, you get an extra day. If you’re new here, expect to have dish duty at least twice as much as the rest of the crew. And if you talk back to the Nazi, watch out. She just walked by me to ask if I received her email. All I could blurt out was, “I’m doing your damn dishes!” Now I know for the THIRD time today, that it’s my turn for dishes.

SO thanks for reading the rant of no purpose. TATA




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