When Microwaves Reign Supreme

We go to the store every Sunday morning about 8AM and pick up our essentials for the week(mostly meal prep simple food because I’m ALWAYS on a diet), fresh veggies, fruit, plenty of meat, and some sort of carb that we can both tolerate. It’s a game plan! Of course I always pick out some simple, quick items as well, like hamburger helper, rice sides, and a bag of chips. Who can live without some sort of junk in their pantry… seriously? But all in all I have a set plan of what we are going to have to eat for lunches and dinners for the week. I’m an avid breakfast eater, but boyfriend could care less, we’re lucky if he gets out of bed with ten minutes to spare in the mornings. So I’ll give him a break here…


The microwave. This man will go to Costco on Monday evening when I’m at the gym and load up on all things microwavable. Microwave sandwiches, burritos, burgers, pizzas, you name it, this dude eats it. He grilled our steaks last night and then put a philly cheesesteak in the microwave. HOW IS THIS A THING? How does a guy seriously crave something out of a microwave? I don’t know if he grew up like this or if he just likes the taste of microwaved food. It’s not even that he doesn’t eat what we cook, he just always puts something else in the microwave. It bugs me, call me dramatic, but what the hell??? Does anyone else get annoyed by their significant others eating habits???


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